i7 Workshop

10 years ago, we began to develop a workshop in order to teach to the strategy of the 7 Mountains of Influence for a friend in Kenya. It has since grown and is constantly being revised to be culturally relevant. There are currently 8 sessions. Each session has about 40 minutes of teaching followed by 15 minute breakout sessions, where people are broken up into small groups discuss and process the lesson.

  • re:Discovering Our Purpose, understanding our mandate in a 21st century context. We examine the Great Commission and apply it to today’s global environment.
  • 3 C’s – Character, Competency & Chemistry, a how-to open doors of influence. We delve into becoming a credible influencer that allows you into people’s lives to speak to brokenness with God’s truth.
  • 3 D’s – Discover, Develop & Deploy, the church’s mission. We reawaken the church to their role in discipling nations.
  • Breaking Cultural Barriers, the art of crossing cultures. Learn how to go to your Samaria, with the Good News of Jesus.
  • Daniel’s Journey, climbing mountains of influence brought to life. See how one man used the Mountain of Government and Religion to affect the world powers of his day.
  • 7 Mountains of Influence, God’s strategy to disciple nations
  • Who Is My Neighbor, intentional engagement. Understand who God is calling you to influence, identifying and overcoming barriers to effectively engage the world.
  • Passion Process, identifying my purpose within the church’s mission. A simple beginning point to discovering how God wants to employ you to the world.

The 7 Mountains of Influence is a strategy of discipling nations based on sound biblical principles for today’s church made practical. We break down the at times overwhelming “Great Commission” to realize why we’re here, and to help us all to engage in reaching the world where live in with the Good News that God really does love us and has an awesome future in store for us.